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English as a Second Language (ESL)

Build Your English Skills!

Why take an ESL class?

  • Whether you want to get a job, get a promotion, go to college, prepare for the citizenship interview, or just communicate better with your neighbors and friends, improving your English skills is an important way to achieve your goals. We have English classes in the morning, afternoon, and evening, for all levels from beginning to advanced.

Advantages to Learning English as a Second Language (ESL):

  • Employment and Higher Wages - Bilingual workers are in high demand in today's job market. Learn English to increase your employability and provide an improved standard of living for your family. 
  • Further Your Education - English can help you continue your education and career path at RACE. Improved English can help you earn your high school diploma, career certificate, or college degree. We can help you reach your goals by creating an educational plan and guide you on the pathway to college and career success. 
  • ESL and Technology - Our ESL Program provides opportunities to learn English through the use of technology. We can help you develop digital skills to use in high-demand careers.
  • Sense of Belonging - Learning English allows you to expand your social network. You will be able to engage in conversations with your children and their teachers, doctors, co-workers, and friends in the community. 
  • Self-Pride - Learning English is an honorable choice! It takes desire and hard work; but once accomplished, your education and gained skills will create a pathway to your future.  
  • ESL students generated over 3.5 million hours of instruction since 2001
  • ESL has served over 31,000 adults since 2001