Rowland Adult and
Community Education

Staff Directory

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School Administration
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Gale Lee - Assistant Principal

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Program Coordinators
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Melissa Baumunk  -ESL Coordinator

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Counseling Services
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Stephani Garcia - Counselor 
Ben Aceto - Testing Proctor

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Office Staff
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Jessica M. Marin - Office Manager
Kenia Alcala Lopez - Office Assistant
Jamie Velasco - Office Assistant
Leslie Castro - Office Assistant
Elsa Castanon - Office Assistant
Kristine Lapena - Office Assistant

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Adult Secondary Education (ASE)
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Norm Chavez

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Marieann Han
Aylin Akkayaoglu

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Cindy Clark
Carmen Elsarhrgty
Kirsten Garcia
Natalia Golovina
Marieann Han
Janet Hernandez
Nancy Lopez
Karen Neville
Mark Ramirez
Jim Shafer
Wilder Ynoquio
Vicky Wong 

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Older Adult
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Linda Odegaard

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Parent Education
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Colleen Bridgewater

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Instructional Assistants
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Analiza Aceron
Nancy Gardner

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Recreation Department
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Colleen Bridgewater - Coordinator
Kristine Lapena - Office Assistant

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John Vance