Rowland Adult and
Community Education

Promotional Video/Audio

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To download the entire RACE promotional video onto your computer, follow the instructions below.

Download Instructions:
1. Click your right mouse button (Control-click for Mac users )on the appropriate link/icon below.
2. Then choose "Save Target As" to save the file to your hard disk.
3. After the download, Open the file.

*This is a large download, and may take up to 2 hours, or longer, on a 56Kbps  connection.

MPEG Format: File Size:
rowland_ace_intro_video.mpg 42.8 MB

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Listen to Jack O'Connell, California State Superintendent of Public Instruction, speak about Adult Education.

These music clips are in MP3 format, this means that a helper program will be needed to listen to the audio. Examples of such helper programs would be Winamp or Windows Media Player.

*These audio clips could be large in file size, and take quite some time to download on a 56Kbps  connection.

music note
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adultedeng.mp3 470 KB
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